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Headed by Multi-Award winning Alex Asher, one of the most sought-after scalp micropigmentation artists in the Northeast. Scalps Inc. was founded on wanting to provide the best natural & realistic-looking hairlines while providing absolute privacy to its clients. Having struggled with his personal hair loss story, Alex’s passion and success in the Scalp Micropigmentation industry stemmed from his positive experience with this innovative procedure. “We are laser-focused on providing the best customer experience and results for our customers while helping everyday people regain their confidence through this modern solution for hair loss”. – Alex Asher

Originally trained and certified by the top leaders in the scalp micropigmentation industry, Alex’s dedication to his art and brand is what has fueled the rapid upward trajectory of Scalps. “Helping people with hair loss is our passion and what we love doing”. Alex’s investment is far more than just a business. It is rooted in his devotion to helping clients just as he was, and in the continuous growth of the industry through leadership and training.

Alex Asher Rev 1 black on transparent high res Scalp Micropigmentation & Hairline Restoration Centers | SCALPS


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